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Letter from Mayor Ron Roma

Mayor Ronald F. Roma, Jr.
1009 Leeward Ave
Beachwood, NJ 089722
(732) 228-2248

May 29, 2019

Dear Friends,

Some of you may have seen various mailers or read online that a person named Glen Kelly is asking people to write him in at the primary election on June 4th.

Please let me reassure you that I am fully committed to running for reelection and I am fully committed to continuing to work hard for our community. But I need your support on Tuesday, June 4th. I need you to go out and vote for me and for our entire Republican team. We cannot go backwards. We cannot allow this person to deceive people with false promises and mistruths about our community.

As I ask for your support in the June 4th Republican Primary I want to tell you about myself and my involvement with Beachwood, the community I really love and care about. I know this is a lengthy letter but I believe it should be shared. Some people may not realize all that we do.

I've been happily married to my wife Geralynn for over 30 years and we have raised 4 sons in Beachwood (one of whom has now bought a home in town and is raising our first grandchild here). I am a member of St. Barnabas Church in Bayville. My family and I have been involved and/or supportive of all our town events for over 25 years. I coached in the Pine Beach Basketball League and in the Beachwood/ Pine Beach Little League for over 17 years and served as a Scout Leader in Pack 70 for 10 years. I served 8 years as a Councilman 5 of them as Council President and 8 years as Mayor. While we all know taxes are out of control in New Jersey a recent article in the newspaper stated that Beachwood has had the lowest tax increases in Ocean County over the last 20 years. I truly care about Beachwood and I have always been available to meet or speak with anyone. I can be reached anytime day or night my cellphone number and email are listed in the borough calendar as well as online. I always answers or return phone calls, text messages and emails and I never make false promises and I have the full support and endorsement of the Beachwood PBA.

I am a Certified Public Manager with 30 years' experience in public administration. I worked for the Department of Juvenile Services (the Juvenile Detention Center) for 17 years and have been the Director of Security for Ocean County for the past 13 years.

In 2001 before being elected to office at the request of the then governing body, I reestablished the Beachwood Municipal Alliance through a grant and instituted dozens of programs aimed at substance abuse prevention and awareness.

Over the years Municipal Alliance has organized multiple programs for people of all ages in our community. Some of our most popular events are;

  • Summer Family Fun Nights at the Birch and Surf Park 18 years and continuing.
  • The Beachwood Beach Luau and Fair which ran for 15 years and has now become Community Day at the Birch & Surf Park. This August 24th will be the 4th consecutive year for Community Day. A free event for our community.
  • And the Youth Dances for 5th, 6th, & 7th. Graders which have run every 2nd Friday of the month from September thru June for 18 years.
  • Senior Health Ease and Move & Grove. Every Wednesday for 10 years and still going strong.

All of these programs as well as all of our programs for our community are fully supported by our Municipal Alliance and Recreation Commission volunteers as well as our Beachwood Fire Company, Beachwood First Aid and Beachwood Police Departments.

The Beachwood Municipal Alliances donated a large portion of the funding needed for the schools 2018 & 2019 "Summer Peer Leadership Program".

The Beachwood Alliance has funded Bear Cubs/Guiding Good Choices in Beachwood Elementary School since I started the Alliance back in 2001.

We donated $1000 towards a Life Skills Program for the middle school as well as purchased items for Red Ribbon Week.

I continuously work with all three high schools, middle schools and both the Beachwood and Pine Beach elementary schools on various programs and assemblies. Including, Dan Duddy's Drinking and Driving program at all three high schools.

Beachwood has always supported the intermediate school with and School Resource Office. When I was asked to consider a police officer in the Beachwood Elementary School I didn't hesitate and I made sure it got done.

We purchased all the vaping materials that will be utilized by all the middle schools to help educate students about the dangers of vaping.

Sponsored Attitudes in Reverse a suicide prevention program in all three high schools.

Sponsored Underage Drinking & Sexual Consent taught in all three high schools.

We continuously support the PTO and school administration including over $500.00 that was just donated for a new sensory wall at Beachwood Elementary. As well as endless support for the central administrations fight for school funding.

In 2014 I instituted the Beachwood Mayors Wellness program. Since starting the program it has taken off like wild fire as you can see from a recent Hometown View posted by Kevin Williams.

The Town That Takes Its Health Seriously

As a longtime Beachwood resident I am well aware that for a town with just over 11,000 residents there is a lot of good "stuff" going on that is likely pretty much unnoticed outside of the borough.

Among them is an effort spearheaded by Mayor Ron Roma to address health priorities that are a concern of many: childhood obesity, behavioral health and chronic disease and education.

Several years ago the mayor launched a wellness campaign with the focus on programs and events to get residents to buy into a healthy lifestyle and a glance at the town's website will highlight a wide range of upcoming ones at the Mayo Park Center.

While Move and Groove Dance Fitness Class is for ages 55 and up there's also Yoga at Beachwood Beach, kickboxing, even a boot camp. They have offered cooking classes for kids and adults with the idea to teach healthy food choices and in just four years the Beachwood Tennis Club grew from 9 to 49 kids.

Much of the success and growth is due to Mayor Roma's wife Geralynn who coordinates the campaign...

While all of this might have flown under the radar even in Beachwood it has not gone unnoticed by the New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute in Princeton. For the fourth consecutive year their Mayor's Wellness Campaign has recognized Beachwood for its comprehensive and highly successful community programs which is unequaled anywhere else in the state.

Beachwood earned the distinction of the newly created Healthy Town to Watch in 2014 and the following year was awarded the coveted Healthy Town, one of just two in New Jersey. The borough did not rest on its laurels and by continuing to grow its programs it forced the sponsoring organization to create a newly established Continued Excellence Award in 2016. The winner: Beachwood.

The winners have just been announced for 2017 and for the second straight year Beachwood has won the MWC Continued Excellence Award for once again exceeding expectations. In the very near future the town will receive a commemorative sign for its efforts and while that's nice what Mayor Roma and others really want is to have more and more residents participate in the wide range of programs.

Children and family have been one of my biggest priorities. So while planning and building the new Mayo Park Building I specifically added an exterior movie wall so the Recreation Commission could present Movies in the Park. Family Movie Night was something that the Municipal Alliance and Recreation started over 15 years ago when we did movies on the beach and in the school.

Along with all the programs and things to do that we offer to our community. I have continually focused on our roads and infrastructure. While this is an extremely daunting process, with the unwavering support of our council I have still been able to complete some major undertakings while maintaining the lowest tax increases in Ocean County over the last 20 years.

When I was first elected to office I implemented a 10 year road plan. This plan is continuously being updated as needs arise. Over the years many road, water and drainage projects have been completed. These projects take time and money. Of course there are still many areas that need attention. There is no magic wand that will fix everything overnight. I know I can't please everyone all the time but I never make empty promises or tell people something just because they want to hear it. These are real results.

This is a partial list of some of the road project that have been funded and completed since I've been Mayor as well as a list of projects scheduled for 2019.

  • 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 1100, & 1400 Blocks Cable Avenue
  • 900, 1000, 1100 & 1200 Blocks Ocean Avenue
  • 800 Block Spray Avenue (Wave St. to Locker St.)
  • 900 & 1000 Blocks Windward Avenue
  • Maple Street (Mizzen Ave. to Windward Ave.)
  • 200, 300 & 400 Blocks Halliard Avenue
  • 500, 600, 700 & 800 Blocks Tiller Avenue
  • 500, 600, 700, 800 & 900 Blocks Mizzen Avenue
  • Oak Street (Mizzen Ave. to Windward Ave.)
  • Locker Street (Spray Ave. to Neptune Ave.)
  • 800 Block Forecastle Avenue (800)
  • 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 & 800 Blocks Ensign Avenue
  • Brigantine Street (Atl. City Blvd. to Compass Ave.)
  • Barnegat Blvd. (Beachwood Blvd. to Starboard St.)
  • Club House Rd. (Beachwood Blvd. to Compass Ave.)
  • Compass Ave. (Beachwood Blvd. to Club House Rd.)
  • 1000 & 1100 Blocks Ship Avenue
  • Wave Street (Railroad Ave. to Surf Ave.)
  • Mermaid Avenue (Locker St. to Atl. City Blvd.)
  • 900 Block Pacific Avenue
  • Maple Street (Between Sunset Rd. and Locust Rd.)
  • 400, 500, 600 & 900 Blocks Anchor Avenue
  • Nautilus Street (Cable Ave. to Anchor Ave.)
  • Halliard Avenue (Rt. 9 to Central Way)
  • Forepeak Avenue (Harpoon St. to Lookout St.)
  • Larboard Street (Atl. City Blvd to shoreline)
  • Spring Street (Atl. City Blvd. to Capstan Ave.)
  • Barnegat Blvd. (Harpoon St. to Lookout St.)
  • 1300 Block Spar Avenue
  • Mermaid Avenue (Railroad Ave. to Locker St.)
  • Locker Street (Neptune Ave. to Rt. 9)
  • 200 & 500 Blocks Beach Avenue
  • 200 Block Tiller Avenue
  • Ensign Avenue (Rt 9 to Central Way)
  • Ivy Way (Ensign Ave. to Admiral Ave.)
  • Barnegat Blvd. (Lookout St. to Beachwood Blvd.)
  • 800 Block of Neptune Avenue
  • 700 & 800 Blocks of Sunset Road
  • Wave Street (Mizzen Ave. to Mermaid Ave.)
  • Longboat Avenue (Railroad Ave. to Wave St.)
  • Pacific Avenue (Locker St. to Atl. City Blvd.)
  • Forepeak Ave. (Lookout St. to Beachwood Blvd)

This is nearly 40,000 linear feet or about 7.5 miles of roadway completed in the last 7 years and the following is scheduled for 2019.

*Scheduled for 2019 (7,330 linear feet) (1.39 miles)

  • Bowline Street (Beachwood Blvd. to Spar Ave.)
  • Seaman Avenue (Birch St. to Elm St.)
  • Walnut Street (Mermaid Ave. to Windward Ave.)
  • Longboat Ave. & Chestnut Street Intersection
  • 1300 Block Spar Avenue
  • 1000 & 1300 Blocks Pacific Avenue
  • Neptune Avenue (Locker St. to Rt. 9)
  • Pennant Avenue (Locker St. to Rt. 9)
  • Anchor Avenue (Nautilus St. to Oak St.)

As you can see, we once again have a lot of work planned for our roads and infrastructure and it is very expensive and time consuming. But we will get it done.

If I am re-elected Mayor I promise to continue with the work I have done and I will continue to do my best to keep the programs, activates and events that make Beachwood a great place to live and raise a family going on year after year.

If you have any questions about me or anything else pertaining to our town please do not hesitate to contact me.


Ronald F. Roma, Jr.
Mayor of Beachwood